Dolphins & Caves

Hop on board for a wonderful adventure filled with discovery and emotions

Departing from Albufeira Marina, this discovery of the Algarve coast travels 18 km to the Alfanzina Lighthouse. On this route you will be dazzled by several beaches, rock formations and discover marine caves, with a special highlight on the famous Benagil cave.
During this journey you will have the opportunity to take a dip if sea conditions allow so.
After discovering the coast, get ready to feel the sea breeze as the boats pull away from the coast on a quest to find dolphins. We invite you to stay aware and help us search for our friends.
Our goal regarding the watching is that the dolphins come to see you, always respecting the animals and all the norms related to the observation of cetaceans.
You will enjoy a scenic view of the coast and have the opportunity to contemplate wildlife, such as various species of birds, flying fish and maybe even sharks.
The adventure lasts 2h30, in semi-rigid fast boats that take up to 12 passengers for 2 crew members, these being a marine biologist and a “captain” who knows this part of the coast like the palm of his hand.
With just 12 passengers per boat the crew will have the opportunity to provide you a personalized and educational sea trip.
Before boarding there will be a safety briefing and we will help you put your comfortable lifejackets on. You have at your disposal waterproof windbreakers for the cooler days and a bottle of water.
Note: Although we are a company with many years of experience, we can never be absolutely certain of the sighting of cetaceans like dolphins and porpoises. But the probability is high.
Includes: Experienced crew, marine biologist, ocean kit.
150 minutes
Please contact us.
Adults: 35€
Children (4 – 12 years old): 25€
(activity not advised for children under 4 years of age)
  •   highlight of my hoilday was a half day bird spotting with Rui Eufrasia 4 hours ran into a six hours trip at the salt marshes near the airport could have stayed all day. Rui is very passionate with all wildlife . saw black kite ,...More


      Fantastic tour of the coast and dolphins! Lucky enough to see quite a few beautiful dolphins and amazing caves. Staff were polite knowledgable and caring! Not one of those huge catamarans but a 12 seater speed boat. Great fun and a wonderful experience! Thanks


      We joined SeacreTours - Dolphins & Caves boat tour. (€35 per person for 2.5hrs). We were very lucky to see the dolphins swimming near our boat. Our marine biologist will explain the story of each caves. Of course the highlight of this trip was to...More

  •   We loved kayaking and got a really nice video of it at the end (extra but well worth it!), the beach we landed at was lovely as well


      Family fun day out for 4 which cost €130. Arrived and checked in and was issued a small bottle of water for the trip. I thought this was a great touch and showed attention to detail. Life jackets fitted and we boarded our RIB (rigid...More


      Tour for the caves and the delphins is worth 35 euros and starts from the Albufeira marina and lasts roughly 2 hours. . Maximum 10 people on a zodiac to discover the wonderful Alagarvian coast from Albufeira to Benagil. Very friendly team, driver and guide....More

  •   This trip was wonderful. We spent about an hour touring the stunning coasting line and entering a number of caves, including the Benagil cave. Then we spent about a hour looking for dolphins, unfortunately without success. The boat you go on is a 12 seater...More


      We booked as a party of six the kayaking tour. They were very informative as we wanted to book for the following day or day after that, we were informed there were no trips on as storms were predicted....They were right! So, booked when the...More


      the staff is pleasant and the trip is safe and very nice. the group starts from a boat and kayaks are launched from the boat with you in. and at the end, you come back on the boat with the kayak. nice film from a...More

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